Otukpo Agog as Mark D Ball Returns 2017

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Good Afternoon

Welcome to today’s press briefing

The annual MARK D’BALL BASKETBALL tournament which holds between the 26th to 31st December of every year in Otukpo, Benue State, Nigeria, will resume this year with greater pomp and style.

Recall the last year’s event was painfully and regrettably put off. As law abiding citizens we had to call it off to avoid a needless faceoff and a breach of Law.

MARK D’BALL BASKETBALL tournament, a non profit venture solely by HE Senator David AB Mark, GCON, through MARK SPORTS FOUNDATION, brings to our small home town, Otukpo, some of Nigeria’s most exciting basketball and musical acts. Without a doubt this event is a great asset to the community and is one of the main highlights of Our end of the year celebration.

The event is back in line with Senator Mark’s belief and promise that MARK D’BALL like his other sports involvements are legacies he desires to outlive him irrespective of political and economic circumstances.

This year we shall be at a new venue. Located at Akpegede, Otukpo, the ancestral home of the Distinguished Senator. MARK D’BALL Arena promises bigger space and a safe and exciting environment. Akpegede is also home to St. Mark Golf and Country Club.

One of the highlights of the event is the Children’s clinic. In the last edition we had over 400 kids. This year, we hope to accommodate up to 1,000 Children. The focus this year is on family therefore we have infused a number of new activities that promise to be fun for every member of the family.

We will be playing host to a number of renowned African and Nigerian retired and reigning basketballers.

We would like to use this opportunity to express our heartfelt appreciation to all who stood by Us and have been there for us. Once more thank you for believing in Us.

We look forward to having you in Otukpo in December as WE FIND IT! … TRACE IT!…. PLAY THE BALL!

mark D Ball 2017 Reloaded!

God Bless Nigeria.



Mmachi Acho Oladam Ale heyi eboh

Eyin le ya acho la adam how long will our youths feel reluctant to come home or even pay a visit this is a clarion call for parents and our elder ones who live in the city to let this occur whereby this children don’t even know their roots ,some can not even speak the idoma dialect while others begins to develop phobia for their origin due to wrong or lack of orientation at all by parents.

we use this platform to draw our attention to issues like this for man cannot not communicate a community without proper communication lets dialogue ,lets come together and share ideas on what to do ,how to do them, when to do them ,where to do them and why we do the things we do.

less youths even engage in the political affairs of the local government we need to check mate the activities of the chairman and their contribution to youth empowerment and engagement in the activities of the local government and not to just to vote for elections when it times we say no to just well documented manifestoes we want actions not words

i use this medium to pour out my love for my Ohimini for my Agadagba for my Ochobo for my Ebu for my Akpewo for my Ikikla at least i know all this places i visit the village i speak our dialect let our children outside also do same

One love Opiatoha Wo Ofu